Con Dao Emotion

In a competitive world of luxury resort environments, the Con Dao Island has the potential to stand alone. This spectacular piece of land has the potential to become a prized name among the international jet set, to do the unexpected – to put Vietnam’s pristine Con Dao Island squarely on every elite traveler’s A-list.
Visit the world’s most coveted spots and hear the fervent whispers on Con Dao, both from those who’ve yet to uncover its secrets and from those who’ve already fallen under its sensual spell.
A mere 20 minutes from the expanded Con Son international airport, Con Dao district center, as it has for centuries, with boundless beauty. Formed by the sea and sculpted by wind, rain and sun, this jagged peninsula reaches northwards into the warm waters of the Sea of China. The expanse and diversity of unspoiled land is astonishing: 22.84 kilometers of coastline and bluff edges, three separate beaches of white, coral, and gray sands. Mother Nature must consider Con DaoIsland one of her finest hours.
Part sophisticated resorts, part primitive playground, Con Dao Island will fulfill a dream envisioned by the Vietnamese government, to introduce the natural and cultural treasures of Con Dao to an international audience. Those who embark on this remarkable journey will be among the first to explore the splendor of such a vast, unbridled wilderness. And uncover the wonders of a 897.8 hectare paradise, known simply as Peninsula Con Dao – Vietnam’s premier five-star destination.
Arriving at Con Dao is to discover the most seductive corner of the globe, wrapped in a masterfully designed residential resort community. Whether private resident or hotel guest, enlightened pleasures will ultimately include a world-class resort environment and soothing spas, pools that rate second only to the sea, sumptuous dining spots and open-air bars, exclusive tennis and beach clubs, a state-of-the-art marina, cultural programs and imaginative outdoor eco tourism pursuits, even a waterfront village with shops and restaurants set into the beautiful.
Imagine … an international resort environment that opens the mind and spirit to a seductive realm of experiences never dreamed of before. Such is the vision behind Con Dao… a blend of raw natural beauty and personalized luxury that rarely exists in the same setting.



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