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Useful information for traveller about Con Dao Island.

Con Dao’s beaches

Con Dao’s turquoise waters sparkle like a jewel, and they’re best enjoyed from one of the island’s many beautiful beaches. Some are ideal for vegging out while others require an adventurous hike. One thing’s for sure: it will never be crowded....

Con Dao Island is Vietnam’s best diving spot

An archipelago of 16 islands and islets, most of which is national park, Con Dao’s remote location, crystal clear waters and modest tourism scene make it Vietnam’s best diving spot Other popular dive spots in Vietnam – Hoi An, Nha Trang, Whale...
Catching fish in the moonlight on Con Dao Island

Catching fish in the moonlight on Con Dao Island

Each the “Water exhausted” (called by local people when the tide gets the lowest water-level on the moonlit night), Con Dao’s inhabitant call for each other noisily to go to catch fish in the moonlight. The groups of friend or brothers in the family,...